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Our Team

Shane Richards


Length in Industry and Quals
Going on to a solid 10 years
Cert III and IV In Fitness
Lifestyle Coach and Educator
Australian Weightlifting Federation Lifting Coach
Food Realist
CrossFit Level 1
CPR/First Aid


If you knew me even slightly, you’d know that my biggest interest is my job.
It’s just as well considering it’s what I do every day for a living. I love working with people.
Apart from that I really enjoy learning about the earth in respect to food.
I love knowing where my food has come from and how it will end up on my plate.
Training is an obvious interest and my motto is ” THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY TO
TRAIN” and that’s something I will stand by forever.


Well, that’s a tough question, because as a PERSONAL trainer and Group Coach I know that everyone has different needs and wants. So i choose to make my speciality the INDIVIDUAL. I will happily work with anyone who has the time be committed to their goals and always find a way.

Matt O'Brien

DOB: 2nd July 1976

Length in Industry & Qualifications:
- 5 years
- Cert IV in Fitness
- Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

My introduction to Crossfit has seen me truely develop a passion for "functional movement" and training the body to perform. Before my move into Crossfit I trained in natural bodybuilding. I've competed on stage and helped others achieve this goal too. I have brought that attention to detail into my training as a Crossfit Coach. That attention to detail training technique, movements and nutrition to help people perform exactly where they want to be is important to me. I love pushing things a little further, taking the challenge to work a little harder. One thing I've learnt is that YOU can decide where you want to take yourself in health and fitness. Whether that be losing weight, moving better, looking better, adding muscle, getting stronger, whatever the goal. I love working with people to help them do the things they didn't think they could and achieve their goals. 

That's easy......motivation. If you want to work hard and learn new skills then I'll take you there. Seeing the look on people's faces when they surprise even themselves, that's the best! I'll help you work out your goals and then I'll work my hardest to get you there.

Name: Ivana Brcic
DOB: 13/09/1979

Qual: Cert 3&4 in Fitness
           Level 1 Crossfit Coach
           Crossfit Kids Trainer
           First Aid 


As a mother of 4 I've experienced all the highs and lows that come with trying to maintain a healthy balanced life. I understand the challenges that arise from being a parent, a partner, an employee,a business owner...... Through my experiences I've found many ways to juggle & prioritise to maintain my health, not just for myself but for my family. I believe that to be a great parent/role model/person you need to be comfortable in your own skin first. This means finding a way to take care of yourself. As challenging as this sounds I am proof that it can be done, and nothing gives me more happiness than sharing that and helping people find their own path. 

One thing life has taught me is patience. And a love of all things small, especially kids! Working with HF and our L'il Beasts program is something that I'm very proud of.  Educating the next generation to give them a better chance of living a full and healthy life is something I take very seriously. 

There's always a way, always a better path should you wish to find it. For yourself or your children.. 


As a Personal Trainer in a CrossFit gym where we specialise in "not specialising" in any particular one form of exercise. I would have to say that my experience with working with children has given me greater understanding of all our movements and a way of teaching them in a more simplistic form. This is a great tool for teaching someone who has just stepped into the gym for the first time or for someone more experienced who has just mastered a skill and is wanting to challenge themselves further.